Verb Paradigm

Check all the boxes that apply, then press the Test button. If a word could be two forms, check all boxes for each. For example, if a word could be Subjunctive Active or Indicative Middle, check both Subjunctive and Indicative, and Active and Middle.

If you select an ending chapter, the correct answer will be for forms in the chapters up to that chapter. For example, if the ending chapter is set to 19, and a form appears that could be subjunctive (chapter 31), do not select the Subjunctive box, or the answer will be considered wrong. If you select a higher starting chapter, though, you still must select forms from the earlier chapters. For example, if a word could be indicative or subjunctive, and the starting chapter is set to 31, you still must select both Indicative and Subjunctive.

After you select a chapter range, press the Next button, and the next word will be in the chapter range.

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